Upon receipt of your company information, we'll send a request to gain administrative access to your Facebook Page. This access allows us to post on the Page as the business, reply to reviews, and update business information as needed. Before we can gain access, you (or another current admin) need to approve our request.

  • When you visit Facebook from an account that currently has administrative access to the page, you should see a notification in your notifications list (the globe icon at the top of the page) with our request. Click on it to visit Page Roles.

    • Or, if that doesn't work, navigate to your business Page, click Settings in the top-right corner above the cover photo, then click Page Roles in the left column.
  • On the page roles screen, you'll see a notification stating "A Business Manager Wants to Access Your Page". Beneath that you'll see the Brentwood Visual logo.

  • Click "Give Brentwood Visual access to my Page" to approve our request.

  • Confirm the approval by clicking the final Approve Request button one more time.

That's it – we now have access to help manage your page!