A key part of your Local Search Management package is requesting reviews from your customers. If your business volume makes it impractical to input customer data one by one, it's simple to upload addresses in bulk by uploading a CSV or XLSX (Microsoft Excel) file.

The access URL (Magic Link) for your Reputation Management Dashboard was included in the setup email that you received when we configured your account. You might consider bookmarking your access URL to make it easy.

Uploading customers for Reputation Management

Preparing your data

First, you'll need to prepare your data. Set up a spreadsheet that contains columns for the customer's first name, last name, and email address. If you're using an SMS campaign instead of email, include the phone number instead. Export your file as either a CSV or XLSX file.

Uploading the list

Once your data is ready, use the Magic Link (included in your setup email) to access your Reputation Management dashboard, then click the Bulk Upload tab.

Use the Bulk Upload button to select the file that your exported. The next screen will allow you to match the columns from your spreadsheet to the data to be imported if the system hasn't found them already.

Click Continue to Upload and verify that your data is matched properly. If it all looks good, click Upload to add the data to our system.

That's it! Your customers will receive a series of messages inviting them to leave positive reviews for your business!