Security threats are a fact of life on the web today, and we take the protection of our customers' data seriously. Our servers employ an advanced firewall system that automatically blocks traffic when suspicious activity is detected.

Unfortunately, this sometimes results in users being blocked for legitimate activities, such as when they mistype a password multiple times. 

How to know if you've been blocked

It can sometimes be difficult to figure out whether you've been blocked, or simply have your email account misconfigured. The simplest way to check is by visiting If you can access our site, you're not blocked, and your issues are related to a misconfiguration of your account.

Note that firewall blocks are specific to your internet connection. If your laptop and tablet are blocked using your home WiFi, your phone would still be able to connect through cellular data.

Clearing a block

If you've been blocked, we'll need your IP address so that we can whitelist you in the firewall. 

  1. Click this link to have Google show your IPv4 address. The formatting should look similar to this:
    IP Address on Google

  2. Send us a message with the IP address and explain any actions you took that you believe may have triggered the block. Our team will clear your block and add your IP to the server whitelist, meaning you won't be blocked again until your IP changes (usually when you restart your internet hardware).

Avoiding future blocks

The most common cause of accidental blocks is misconfiguration of an email account. To prevent future blocks, you need to identify the device that is misconfigured. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to do this, since our system can only see your Public IP address, which is shared by all of the devices within your business. 

Once you've been unblocked, look for a device that is still unable to receive and/or send email, even though the account appears to be configured. This is likely the source of your problem. You can then correct the username and password, or remove the account and reconfigure it from scratch.