All of our Joomla sites incorporate a feature called the Cache, which improves site performance and speed, while reducing server load.

Your Joomla website stores all of its content in a database. When a visitor visits a page, the site requests the appropriate information and loads it into the template. This makes management of the system easy, but the constant requests back to the database can slow down the process, resulting in slower than optimal load times for your visitors.

We eliminate this problem by telling the system to build a saved copy of every page on the site. These copies are saved in your site's memory and normally refresh every 30 minutes. When a visitor loads the page, they get the saved copy instead of making a new request to the database. This dramatically improves load times and visitor experience.

When you're editing the site, you'll notice that sometimes your changes don't seem to show up immediately. This is because you're still seeing the cached version of the page, from before your changes were applied.

If you'd like to be able to see your updates immediately, you can click the Clear Cache button located at the bottom of every page on your Site Administrator. This will force the system to rebuild the site and show your new changes. If you choose not to force the refresh, the system will include your changes in the next cached version, normally within 30 minutes.